My name is Andy Wolf, and I have been growing giant pumpkins competitively since 1999, shooting for higher weights each year. I live in Little Valley, New York. I have grown dozens of pumpkins over 1000 pounds, and held the NY state record twice since 2005.
I travel to several weighoffs each fall mainly centered around NY, but have gone as far away as North Carolina, Kentucky, Iowa and Massachusetts. I have had good experiences selling a pumpkin or two each year to help cover the costs of growing them. This website is an extension of that - an effort to reach more buyers and streamline the process of selling a few pumpkins each fall. My pumpkins have been used for display in several states, as well as internationally.
I specialize in pumpkins well over 1000 pounds, and will not normally have pumpkins available in the "smaller" sizes (below 300 pounds). I usually will not have a good idea of what the final weights will be until late August. If you are thinking about purchasing, please contact me immediately. I have a limited number of plants that I grow each year, and available pumpkins are spoken for quickly.

A few of our pumpkins have made the news through the years, here's what happened this year:

Little Valley man’s giant pumpkin is North American Champion


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